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doxy2swig::Doxy2SWIG Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Converts Doxygen generated XML files into a file containing
docstrings that can be used by SWIG-1.3.x that have support for
feature("docstring").  Once the data is parsed it is stored in

Definition at line 60 of file doxy2swig.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_text
def clean_pieces
def do_argsstring
def do_briefdescription
def do_compounddef
def do_compoundname
def do_definition
def do_detaileddescription
def do_doxygenindex
def do_header
def do_includes
def do_member
def do_memberdef
def do_para
def do_parameterdefinition
def do_parameterlist
def do_parametername
def do_sectiondef
def do_simplesect
def generate
def generic_parse
def get_specific_nodes
def parse
def parse_Comment
def parse_Document
def parse_Element
def parse_Text
def space_parse
def write

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 do_bold = space_parse
 do_computeroutput = space_parse
 do_emphasis = space_parse
 do_formula = space_parse
 do_ref = space_parse

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