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gdcm::Directory Class Reference

#include <gdcmDirectory.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for manipulation directories.

This implementation provide a cross platform implementation for manipulating directores: basically traversing directories and harvesting files

will not take into account unix type hidden file recursive option will not look into UNIX type hidden directory (those starting with a .)

Definition at line 39 of file gdcmDirectory.h.

Public Types

typedef std::vector< FilenameType > FilenamesType
typedef std::string FilenameType

Public Member Functions

FilenamesType const & GetDirectories () const
 Return the Directories traversed.
FilenamesType const & GetFilenames () const
 Set/Get the file names within the directory.
FilenameType const & GetToplevel () const
 Get the name of the toplevel directory.
unsigned int Load (FilenameType const &name, bool recursive=false)
 construct a list of filenames and subdirectory beneath directory: name
void Print (std::ostream &_os=std::cout)

Protected Member Functions

unsigned int Explore (FilenameType const &name, bool recursive)
 Return number of file found when 'recursive'ly exploring directory `name`.

Private Attributes

FilenamesType Directories
FilenamesType Filenames
 List of file names.
FilenameType Toplevel
 name of the toplevel directory to explore

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