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gdcm::JPEG8Codec Class Reference

#include <gdcmJPEG8Codec.h>

Inheritance diagram for gdcm::JPEG8Codec:

gdcm::JPEGCodec gdcm::ImageCodec gdcm::Codec gdcm::Coder gdcm::Decoder

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Detailed Description

Class to do JPEG 8bits (lossy & lossless).

internal class

Definition at line 29 of file gdcmJPEG8Codec.h.

Public Member Functions

bool CanCode (TransferSyntax const &ts) const
 Return whether this coder support this transfer syntax (can code it).
bool CanDecode (TransferSyntax const &ts) const
 Return whether this decoder support this transfer syntax (can decode it).
bool Code (DataElement const &in, DataElement &out)
 Compress into JPEG.
void ComputeOffsetTable (bool b)
 Compute the offset table:.
bool Decode (DataElement const &is, DataElement &os)
bool Decode (std::istream &is, std::ostream &os)
const unsigned int * GetDimensions () const
bool GetHeaderInfo (std::istream &is, TransferSyntax &ts)
const LookupTableGetLUT () const
bool GetNeedByteSwap () const
const PhotometricInterpretationGetPhotometricInterpretation () const
const PixelFormatGetPixelFormat () const
unsigned int GetPlanarConfiguration () const
bool InternalCode (const char *input, unsigned long len, std::ostream &os)
void SetDimensions (const unsigned int *d)
void SetLUT (LookupTable const &lut)
void SetNeedByteSwap (bool b)
void SetNeedOverlayCleanup (bool b)
void SetNumberOfDimensions (unsigned int dim)
void SetPhotometricInterpretation (PhotometricInterpretation const &pi)
void SetPixelFormat (PixelFormat const &pf)
void SetPlanarConfiguration (unsigned int pc)

Protected Types

typedef SmartPointer< LookupTableLUTPtr

Protected Member Functions

bool DoByteSwap (std::istream &is, std::ostream &os)
bool DoInvertMonochrome (std::istream &is, std::ostream &os)
bool DoOverlayCleanup (std::istream &is, std::ostream &os)
bool DoPaddedCompositePixelCode (std::istream &is, std::ostream &os)
bool DoPlanarConfiguration (std::istream &is, std::ostream &os)
bool DoSimpleCopy (std::istream &is, std::ostream &os)
bool DoYBR (std::istream &is, std::ostream &os)
void SetBitSample (int bit)

Protected Attributes

int BitSample
unsigned int Dimensions [3]
bool NeedByteSwap
bool NeedOverlayCleanup
unsigned int NumberOfDimensions
PixelFormat PF
PhotometricInterpretation PI
unsigned int PlanarConfiguration
bool RequestPaddedCompositePixelCode
bool RequestPlanarConfiguration

Private Attributes

JPEGInternals * Internals

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