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 * jcinit.c
 * Copyright (C) 1991-1997, Thomas G. Lane.
 * This file is part of the Independent JPEG Group's software.
 * For conditions of distribution and use, see the accompanying README file.
 * This file contains initialization logic for the JPEG compressor.
 * This routine is in charge of selecting the modules to be executed and
 * making an initialization call to each one.
 * Logically, this code belongs in jcmaster.c.  It's split out because
 * linking this routine implies linking the entire compression library.
 * For a transcoding-only application, we want to be able to use jcmaster.c
 * without linking in the whole library.

#include "jinclude.h"
#include "jpeglib.h"

 * Master selection of compression modules.
 * This is done once at the start of processing an image.  We determine
 * which modules will be used and give them appropriate initialization calls.

jinit_compress_master (j_compress_ptr cinfo)
  /* Initialize master control (includes parameter checking/processing) */
  jinit_c_master_control(cinfo, FALSE /* full compression */);

  /* Initialize compression codec */

  /* Preprocessing */
  if (! cinfo->raw_data_in) {
    jinit_c_prep_controller(cinfo, FALSE /* never need full buffer here */);

  jinit_c_main_controller(cinfo, FALSE /* never need full buffer here */);


  /* We can now tell the memory manager to allocate virtual arrays. */
  (*cinfo->mem->realize_virt_arrays) ((j_common_ptr) cinfo);

  /* Write the datastream header (SOI) immediately.
   * Frame and scan headers are postponed till later.
   * This lets application insert special markers after the SOI.
  (*cinfo->marker->write_file_header) (cinfo);

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