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const DataElement& gdcm::DataSet::GetDataElement ( const Tag t  )  const [inline, inherited]

Return the DataElement with Tag 't'

: This only search at the 'root level' of the DataSet

Definition at line 163 of file gdcmDataSet.h.

Referenced by gdcm::DataSetHelper::ComputeVR(), gdcm::FileDerivation::Derive(), FillFromDataSet(), gdcm::DICOMDIRGenerator::Generate(), gdcm::DataSet::GetDataElement(), gdcm::Overlay::GetNumberOfOverlays(), gdcm::ImageHelper::GetOriginValue(), gdcm::ImageHelper::GetSpacingValue(), gdcm::Scanner::Scan(), and gdcm::SplitMosaicFilter::Split().

    const DataElement r(t);
    ConstIterator it = DES.find(r);
    if( it != DES.end() )
      return *it;
    return GetDEEnd();

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