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opj_j2k_t * j2k_create_decompress ( opj_common_ptr  cinfo  ) 

Creates a J2K decompression structure

cinfo Codec context info
Returns a handle to a J2K decompressor if successful, returns NULL otherwise

Definition at line 1163 of file j2k.c.

References opj_j2k::cinfo, opj_j2k::default_tcp, opj_free(), and opj_malloc().

Referenced by jp2_create_decompress().

      opj_j2k_t *j2k = (opj_j2k_t*)opj_malloc(sizeof(opj_j2k_t));
      if(j2k) {
            j2k->cinfo = cinfo;
            j2k->default_tcp = (opj_tcp_t*)opj_malloc(sizeof(opj_tcp_t));
            if(!j2k->default_tcp) {
                  return NULL;
      return j2k;

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