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void gdcm::DataElement::SetValue ( Value const &  vl  )  [inline, inherited]

you need to set the ValueLengthField explicitely

Definition at line 98 of file gdcmDataElement.h.

References gdcm::Value::GetLength().

Referenced by gdcm::ImageChangeTransferSyntax::Change(), gdcm::RLECodec::Code(), gdcm::JPEGLSCodec::Code(), gdcm::JPEGCodec::Code(), gdcm::JPEG2000Codec::Code(), gdcm::DICOMDIRGenerator::Generate(), gdcm::ImageHelper::SetDirectionCosinesValue(), itk::GDCMImageIO2::Write(), and gdcm::FileMetaInformation::Write().

    //assert( ValueField == 0 );
    ValueField = vl;
    ValueLengthField = vl.GetLength();

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