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opj_cparameters Struct Reference

#include <openjpeg.h>

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Detailed Description

Compression parameters

Definition at line 189 of file openjpeg.h.

Public Attributes

int cblockh_init
int cblockw_init
char * cp_comment
int cp_disto_alloc
int cp_fixed_alloc
int cp_fixed_quality
int * cp_matrice
int cp_tdx
int cp_tdy
int cp_tx0
int cp_ty0
int csty
int irreversible
int mode
int numpocs
int numresolution
opj_poc_t POC [32]
int prch_init [J2K_MAXRLVLS]
int prcw_init [J2K_MAXRLVLS]
OPJ_PROG_ORDER prog_order
int res_spec
int roi_compno
int roi_shift
float tcp_distoratio [100]
int tcp_numlayers
int tcp_rates [100]
bool tile_size_on
command line encoder parameters (not used inside the library)
int cod_format
int decod_format
int image_offset_x0
int image_offset_y0
char index [MAX_PATH]
int index_on
char infile [MAX_PATH]
char outfile [MAX_PATH]
int subsampling_dx
int subsampling_dy

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