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gdcm::DataSet Class Reference

#include <gdcmDataSet.h>

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Detailed Description

Class to represent a Data Set (which contains Data Elements) A Data Set represents an instance of a real world Information Object.

DATA SET: Exchanged information consisting of a structured set of Attribute values directly or indirectly related to Information Objects. The value of each Attribute in a Data Set is expressed as a Data Element. A collection of Data Elements ordered by increasing Data Element Tag number that is an encoding of the values of Attributes of a real world object.

Implementation note. If one do: DataSet ds; ds.SetLength(0); ds.Read(is); setting length to 0 actually means try to read is as if it was a root DataSet. Other value are undefined (nested dataset with undefined length) or defined length (different from 0) means nested dataset with defined length.

TODO: a DataSet DOES NOT have a TS type... a file does !

Definition at line 55 of file gdcmDataSet.h.

Public Types

typedef std::set< DataElementDataElementSet
typedef DataElementSet::iterator Iterator
typedef DataElementSet::size_type SizeType

Public Member Functions

Iterator Begin ()
ConstIterator Begin () const
void Clear ()
template<typename TDE>
unsigned int ComputeGroupLength (Tag const &tag) const
Iterator End ()
ConstIterator End () const
bool FindDataElement (const Tag &t) const
bool FindDataElement (const PrivateTag &t) const
 Look up if private tag 't' is present in the dataset:.
const DataElementFindNextDataElement (const Tag &t) const
const DataElementGetDataElement (const PrivateTag &t) const
 Return the dataelement.
const DataElementGetDataElement (const Tag &t) const
DataElementSet & GetDES ()
const DataElementSet & GetDES () const
template<typename TDE>
VL GetLength () const
std::string GetPrivateCreator (const Tag &t) const
 Return the private creator of the private tag 't':.
void Insert (const DataElement &de)
bool IsEmpty () const
 Returns if the dataset is empty.
const DataElementoperator() (uint16_t group, uint16_t element) const
DataSetoperator= (DataSet const &val)
const DataElementoperator[] (const Tag &t) const
void Print (std::ostream &os, std::string const &indent="") const
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
std::istream & Read (std::istream &is)
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
std::istream & ReadNested (std::istream &is)
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
std::istream & ReadUpToTag (std::istream &is, const Tag &t, std::set< Tag > const &skiptags)
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
std::istream & ReadUpToTagWithLength (std::istream &is, const Tag &t, VL &length)
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
std::istream & ReadWithLength (std::istream &is, VL &length)
SizeType Remove (const Tag &tag)
 Completely remove a dataelement from the dataset.
void Replace (const DataElement &de)
 Replace a dataelement with another one.
unsigned int Size () const
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
std::ostream const & Write (std::ostream &os) const

Protected Member Functions

Tag ComputeDataElement (const PrivateTag &t) const
const DataElementGetDEEnd () const
void InsertDataElement (const DataElement &de)

Private Attributes

DataElementSet DES

Static Private Attributes

static DataElement DEEnd = DataElement( Tag(0xffff,0xffff) )


class CSAHeader
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &_os, const DataSet &val)

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