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gdcm::CryptographicMessageSyntax Class Reference

#include <gdcmCryptographicMessageSyntax.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for CryptographicMessageSyntax encryption. This is just a simple wrapper around openssl PKCS7_encrypt functionalities.

See online documentation http://www.openssl.org/docs/crypto/PKCS7_encrypt.html

Definition at line 34 of file gdcmCryptographicMessageSyntax.h.

Public Types

enum  CipherTypes {

Public Member Functions

bool Decrypt (char *output, size_t &outlen, const char *array, size_t len) const
bool Encrypt (char *output, size_t &outlen, const char *array, size_t len) const
CipherTypes GetCipherType () const
bool ParseCertificateFile (const char *filename)
bool ParseKeyFile (const char *filename)
void SetCipherType (CipherTypes type)

Private Member Functions

 CryptographicMessageSyntax (const CryptographicMessageSyntax &)
void operator= (const CryptographicMessageSyntax &)

Private Attributes

CryptographicMessageSyntaxInternals * Internals

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