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gdcm::PrivateTag Class Reference

#include <gdcmPrivateTag.h>

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Detailed Description

Class to represent a Private DICOM Data Element (Attribute) Tag (Group, Element, Owner).

private tag have element value in: [0x10,0xff], for instance 0x0009,0x0000 is NOT a private tag

Definition at line 35 of file gdcmPrivateTag.h.

Public Member Functions

uint16_t GetElement () const
 Returns the 'Element number' of the given Tag.
uint32_t GetElementTag () const
 Returns the full tag value of the given Tag.
uint16_t GetGroup () const
 Returns the 'Group number' of the given Tag.
uint32_t GetLength () const
 return the length of tag (read: size on disk)
const char * GetOwner () const
Tag GetPrivateCreator () const
 Return the Private Creator Data Element tag of a private data element.
bool IsGroupLength () const
 return whether the tag correspond to a group length tag:
bool IsGroupXX (const Tag &t) const
 e.g 6002,3000 belong to groupXX: 6000,3000
bool IsIllegal () const
 return if the tag is considered to be an illegal tag
bool IsPrivate () const
bool IsPrivateCreator () const
 Returns if tag is a Private Creator (xxxx,00yy), where xxxx is odd number and yy in [0x10,0xFF].
bool IsPublic () const
bool operator!= (const Tag &_val) const
bool operator< (const Tag &_val) const
bool operator< (const PrivateTag &_val) const
bool operator<= (const Tag &t2) const
bool operator== (const Tag &_val) const
uint16_t & operator[] (const unsigned int &_id)
const uint16_t & operator[] (const unsigned int &_id) const
std::string PrintAsPipeSeparatedString () const
 PrivateTag (uint16_t group=0, uint16_t element=0, const char *owner="")
template<typename TSwap>
std::istream & Read (std::istream &is)
 Read a tag from binary representation.
bool ReadFromCommaSeparatedString (const char *str)
bool ReadFromPipeSeparatedString (const char *str)
void SetElement (uint16_t element)
 Sets the 'Element number' of the given Tag.
void SetElementTag (uint32_t tag)
 Sets the full tag value of the given Tag.
void SetElementTag (uint16_t group, uint16_t element)
 Sets the 'Group number' & 'Element number' of the given Tag.
void SetGroup (uint16_t group)
 Sets the 'Group number' of the given Tag.
void SetOwner (const char *owner)
void SetPrivateCreator (Tag const &t)
 Set private creator:.
template<typename TSwap>
const std::ostream & Write (std::ostream &os) const
 Write a tag in binary rep.

Private Attributes

std::string Owner


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &_os, const Tag &_val)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &_os, const PrivateTag &_val)
std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &_is, Tag &_val)

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