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gdcm::TransferSyntax Class Reference

#include <gdcmTransferSyntax.h>

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Detailed Description

Class to manipulate Transfer Syntax.

TRANSFER SYNTAX (Standard and Private): A set of encoding rules that allow Application Entities to unambiguously negotiate the encoding techniques (e.g., Data Element structure, byte ordering, compression) they are able to support, thereby allowing these Application Entities to communicate.
: The implementation is completely retarded -> see gdcm::UIDs for a replacement We need: IsSupported We need preprocess of raw/xml file We need GetFullName()
Need a notion of Private Syntax. As defined in Ps 3.5. Section 9.2

Definition at line 38 of file gdcmTransferSyntax.h.

Public Types

enum  NegociatedType { Unknown = 0, Explicit, Implicit }
enum  TSType {
  ImplicitVRLittleEndian = 0, ImplicitVRBigEndianPrivateGE, ExplicitVRLittleEndian, DeflatedExplicitVRLittleEndian,
  ExplicitVRBigEndian, JPEGBaselineProcess1, JPEGExtendedProcess2_4, JPEGExtendedProcess3_5,
  JPEGSpectralSelectionProcess6_8, JPEGFullProgressionProcess10_12, JPEGLosslessProcess14, JPEGLosslessProcess14_1,
  JPEGLSLossless, JPEGLSNearLossless, JPEG2000Lossless, JPEG2000,
  RLELossless, MPEG2MainProfile, ImplicitVRBigEndianACRNEMA, TS_END

Public Member Functions

NegociatedType GetNegociatedType () const
const char * GetString () const
SwapCode GetSwapCode () const
bool IsEncapsulated () const
bool IsEncoded () const
bool IsExplicit () const
bool IsImplicit () const
bool IsLossless () const
bool IsLossy () const
bool IsValid () const
 operator TSType () const
 TransferSyntax (TSType type=ImplicitVRLittleEndian)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * GetTSString (TSType ts)
static TSType GetTSType (const char *str)

Private Member Functions

bool IsBigEndian (TSType ts) const
bool IsExplicit (TSType ts) const
bool IsImplicit (TSType ts) const
bool IsLittleEndian (TSType ts) const

Private Attributes

TSType TSField


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const TransferSyntax &ts)

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