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gdcm::Global Class Reference

#include <gdcmGlobal.h>

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Detailed Description


Global should be included in any translation unit that will use Dict or that implements the singleton pattern. It makes sure that the Dict singleton is created before and destroyed after all other singletons in GDCM.

Definition at line 50 of file gdcmGlobal.h.

Public Member Functions

bool Append (const char *path)
Defs const & GetDefs () const
Dicts const & GetDicts () const
bool LoadResourcesFiles ()
bool Prepend (const char *path)

Static Public Member Functions

static GlobalGetInstance ()
 return the singleton instance

Protected Member Functions

const char * Locate (const char *resfile) const
 Locate a ressource file.

Private Member Functions

 Global (const Global &_val)
Globaloperator= (const Global &_val)

Static Private Attributes

static GlobalInternal * Internals


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &_os, const Global &g)

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