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gdcm::Writer Class Reference

#include <gdcmWriter.h>

Inheritance diagram for gdcm::Writer:

gdcm::PixmapWriter gdcm::ImageWriter

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Detailed Description

Writer ala DOM (Document Object Model) This class is a non-validating writer, it will only performs well- formedness check only.

Detailled description here To avoid GDCM being yet another broken DICOM lib we try to be user level and avoid writing illegal stuff (odd length, non-zero value for Item start/end length ...) Therefore you cannot (well unless you are really smart) write DICOM with even length tag. All the checks are consider basics:

WARNING: gdcm::Writer cannot write a DataSet if no SOP Instance UID (0008,0018) is found

Definition at line 46 of file gdcmWriter.h.

Public Member Functions

void CheckFileMetaInformationOff ()
void CheckFileMetaInformationOn ()
FileGetFile ()
void SetCheckFileMetaInformation (bool b)
 Undocumented function, do not use (= leave default).
void SetFile (const File &f)
 Set/Get the DICOM file (DataSet + Header).
void SetFileName (const char *filename)
 Set the filename of DICOM file to write:.
void SetStream (std::ostream &output_stream)
 Set user ostream buffer.
virtual bool Write ()
 Main function to tell the writer to write.

Protected Attributes

std::ofstream * Ofstream
std::ostream * Stream

Private Attributes

bool CheckFileMetaInformation
SmartPointer< FileF

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