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gdcm::Parser Class Reference

#include <gdcmParser.h>

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Detailed Description

Parser ala XML_Parser from expat (SAX).

Detailled description here

Simple API for DICOM

Definition at line 33 of file gdcmParser.h.

Public Types

typedef void(* EndElementHandler )(void *userData, const Tag &name)
enum  ErrorType {
  NoError, NoMemoryError, SyntaxError, NoElementsError,
  TagMismatchError, DuplicateAttributeError, JunkAfterDocElementError, UndefinedEntityError,
typedef void(* StartElementHandler )(void *userData, const Tag &tag, const char *atts[])

Public Member Functions

unsigned long GetCurrentByteIndex () const
ErrorType GetErrorCode () const
void * GetUserData () const
bool Parse (const char *s, int len, bool isFinal)
void SetElementHandler (StartElementHandler start, EndElementHandler end)
void SetUserData (void *userData)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * GetErrorString (ErrorType const &err)

Protected Member Functions

char * GetBuffer (int len)
bool ParseBuffer (int len, bool isFinal)
ErrorType Process ()

Private Attributes

ByteBuffer Buffer
EndElementHandler EndElement
ErrorType ErrorCode
StartElementHandler StartElement
std::ifstream Stream
void * UserData

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