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gdcm::CSAHeader Class Reference

#include <gdcmCSAHeader.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for CSAHeader.

SIEMENS store private information in tag (0x0029,0x10,"SIEMENS CSA HEADER") this class is meant for user wishing to access values stored within this private attribute. There are basically two main 'format' for this attribute : SV10/NOMAGIC and DATASET_FORMAT SV10 and NOMAGIC are from a user prospective identical, see CSAHeader.xml for possible name / value stored in this format. DATASET_FORMAT is in fact simply just another DICOM dataset (implicit) with -currently unknown- value. This can be only be printer for now.

: Everything you do with this code is at your own risk, since decoding process was not written from specification documents.
: the API of this class might change.

: MrEvaProtocol in 29,1020 contains ^M that would be nice to get rid of on UNIX system...

also MEDCOM History Information and CSA Non-Image Module in http://tamsinfo.toshiba.com/docrequest/pdf/E.Soft_v2.0.pdf

Definition at line 61 of file gdcmCSAHeader.h.

Public Types

enum  CSAHeaderType {
 Divers format of CSAHeader as found 'in the wild'.

Public Member Functions

bool FindCSAElementByName (const char *name)
const CSAElementGetCSAElementByName (const char *name)
const DataSetGetDataSet () const
 Return the DataSet output (use only if Format == DATASET_FORMAT ).
CSAHeaderType GetFormat () const
const char * GetInterfile () const
 Return the string output (use only if Format == Interfile).
bool LoadFromDataElement (DataElement const &de)
 Decode the CSAHeader from element 'de'.
void Print (std::ostream &os) const
 Print the CSAHeader (use only if Format == SV10 or NOMAGIC).
template<typename TSwap>
std::istream & Read (std::istream &is)
template<typename TSwap>
const std::ostream & Write (std::ostream &os) const

Static Public Member Functions

static const PrivateTagGetCSADataInfo ()
static const PrivateTagGetCSAImageHeaderInfoTag ()
static const PrivateTagGetCSASeriesHeaderInfoTag ()

Protected Member Functions

const CSAElementGetCSAEEnd () const

Private Attributes

Tag DataElementTag
const char * InterfileData
std::set< CSAElementInternalCSADataSet
DataSet InternalDataSet
CSAHeaderType InternalType

Static Private Attributes

static CSAElement CSAEEnd = CSAElement(-1)


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &_os, const CSAHeader &d)

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