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const SequenceOfFragments * gdcm::DataElement::GetSequenceOfFragments (  )  const [inherited]

Return the Value of DataElement as a Sequence Of Fragments (if possible)

: You need to check for NULL return value

Definition at line 61 of file gdcmDataElement.cxx.

References gdcm::SmartPointer< ObjectType >::GetPointer().

Referenced by gdcm::JPEG2000Codec::Decode(), gdcm::RLECodec::Decode(), gdcm::JPEGCodec::Decode(), gdcm::PVRGCodec::Decode(), gdcm::JPEGLSCodec::Decode(), gdcm::Printer::PrintDataElement(), and gdcm::ImageFragmentSplitter::Split().

    const SequenceOfFragments *sqf = dynamic_cast<SequenceOfFragments*>(ValueField.GetPointer());
    return sqf;

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