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gdcm::ImageChangeTransferSyntax Class Reference

#include <gdcmImageChangeTransferSyntax.h>

Inheritance diagram for gdcm::ImageChangeTransferSyntax:

gdcm::ImageToImageFilter gdcm::PixmapToPixmapFilter

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Detailed Description

ImageChangeTransferSyntax class Class to change the transfer syntax of an input DICOM.

If only Force param is set but no input TransferSyntax is set, it is assumed that user only wants to inspect encapsulated stream (advanced dev. option).

Definition at line 33 of file gdcmImageChangeTransferSyntax.h.

Public Member Functions

bool Change ()
ImageGetInput ()
const ImageGetOutput () const
 Get Output image.
const TransferSyntaxGetTransferSyntax () const
 Get Transfer Syntax.
void SetCompressIconImage (bool b)
void SetForce (bool f)
void SetInput (const Pixmap &image)
 Set input image.
void SetTransferSyntax (const TransferSyntax &ts)
 Set target Transfer Syntax.
void SetUserCodec (ImageCodec *ic)

Protected Member Functions

bool TryJPEG2000Codec (const DataElement &pixelde, Bitmap const &input, Bitmap &output)
bool TryJPEGCodec (const DataElement &pixelde, Bitmap const &input, Bitmap &output)
bool TryJPEGLSCodec (const DataElement &pixelde, Bitmap const &input, Bitmap &output)
bool TryRAWCodec (const DataElement &pixelde, Bitmap const &input, Bitmap &output)
bool TryRLECodec (const DataElement &pixelde, Bitmap const &input, Bitmap &output)

Protected Attributes

SmartPointer< PixmapInput
SmartPointer< PixmapOutput

Private Attributes

bool CompressIconImage
bool Force
TransferSyntax TS

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