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gdcm::ImageReader Class Reference

#include <gdcmImageReader.h>

Inheritance diagram for gdcm::ImageReader:

gdcm::PixmapReader gdcm::Reader

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Detailed Description


its role is to convert the DICOM DataSet into a gdcm::Image representation Image is different from Pixmap has it has a position and a direction in Space.
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Definition at line 34 of file gdcmImageReader.h.

Public Member Functions

FileGetFile ()
 Set/Get File.
const FileGetFile () const
 Set/Get File.
ImageGetImage ()
const ImageGetImage () const
 Return the read image.
PixmapGetPixmap ()
const PixmapGetPixmap () const
 Return the read image.
bool Read ()
bool ReadSelectedTags (std::set< Tag > const &tags)
 Will only read the specified selected tags.
bool ReadUpToTag (const Tag &tag, std::set< Tag > const &skiptags)
 Will read only up to Tag 'tag'.
void SetFile (File &file)
 Set/Get File.
void SetFileName (const char *filename)
void SetStream (std::istream &input_stream)
 Set the open-ed stream directly.

Protected Member Functions

const ByteValueGetPointerFromElement (Tag const &tag) const
bool ReadACRNEMAImage ()
bool ReadDataSet ()
bool ReadImage (MediaStorage const &ms)
bool ReadMetaInformation ()
 read the DICOM Meta Information Header Find out the TransferSyntax used (default: Little Endian Explicit) we are at the start of group 0x0002 (well after preamble) we are at the beginning of the DataSet
bool ReadPreamble ()
 tells us if "DICM" is found as position 128 (i.e. the file is a 'true dicom' one) If not found then seek back at beginning of file (could be Mallinckrodt or old ACRNEMA with no preamble) we are at the beginning of file we are at the beginning of the DataSet or Meta Information Header

Protected Attributes

SmartPointer< FileF
SmartPointer< PixmapPixelData

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