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gdcm::PixelFormat Class Reference

#include <gdcmPixelFormat.h>

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Detailed Description


By default the Pixel Type will be instanciated with the following parameters:
  • SamplesPerPixel : 1
  • BitsAllocated : 8
  • BitsStored : 8
  • HighBit : 7
  • PixelRepresentation : 0

Definition at line 37 of file gdcmPixelFormat.h.

Public Types

enum  ScalarType {
  UINT8, INT8, UINT12, INT12,
  UINT16, INT16, UINT32, INT32,

Public Member Functions

unsigned short GetBitsAllocated () const
unsigned short GetBitsStored () const
unsigned short GetHighBit () const
int64_t GetMax () const
 return the max possible of the pixel
int64_t GetMin () const
 return the min possible of the pixel
unsigned short GetPixelRepresentation () const
uint8_t GetPixelSize () const
unsigned short GetSamplesPerPixel () const
 Samples Per Pixel.
ScalarType GetScalarType () const
 ScalarType does not take into account the sample per pixel.
const char * GetScalarTypeAsString () const
bool IsValid ()
 return IsValid
 operator ScalarType () const
bool operator!= (const PixelFormat &pf) const
bool operator!= (ScalarType st) const
bool operator== (const PixelFormat &pf) const
bool operator== (ScalarType st) const
 PixelFormat (ScalarType st)
 PixelFormat (unsigned short samplesperpixel=1, unsigned short bitsallocated=8, unsigned short bitsstored=8, unsigned short highbit=7, unsigned short pixelrepresentation=0)
void Print (std::ostream &os) const
void SetBitsAllocated (unsigned short ba)
void SetBitsStored (unsigned short bs)
void SetHighBit (unsigned short hb)
void SetPixelRepresentation (unsigned short pr)
void SetSamplesPerPixel (unsigned short spp)
void SetScalarType (ScalarType st)

Protected Member Functions

bool Validate ()
 When image with 24/24/23 was read, need to validate.

Private Attributes

unsigned short BitsAllocated
unsigned short BitsStored
unsigned short HighBit
unsigned short PixelRepresentation
unsigned short SamplesPerPixel


class Bitmap
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &_os, const PixelFormat &pf)

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