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gdcm::DataElement Class Reference

#include <gdcmDataElement.h>

Inheritance diagram for gdcm::DataElement:

gdcm::CP246ExplicitDataElement gdcm::ExplicitDataElement gdcm::ExplicitImplicitDataElement gdcm::Fragment gdcm::ImplicitDataElement gdcm::Item gdcm::UNExplicitDataElement gdcm::UNExplicitImplicitDataElement gdcm::VR16ExplicitDataElement

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Detailed Description

Class to represent a Data Element either Implicit or Explicit.

DATA ELEMENT: A unit of information as defined by a single entry in the data dictionary. An encoded Information Object Definition (IOD) Attribute that is composed of, at a minimum, three fields: a Data Element Tag, a Value Length, and a Value Field. For some specific Transfer Syntaxes, a Data Element also contains a VR Field where the Value Representation of that Data Element is specified explicitly.


See also:
ExplicitDataElement ImplicitDataElement

Definition at line 59 of file gdcmDataElement.h.

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
 Clear Data Element (make Value empty and invalidate Tag & VR).
 DataElement (const DataElement &_val)
 DataElement (const Tag &t=Tag(0), const VL &vl=0, const VR &vr=VR::INVALID)
void Empty ()
 Make Data Element empty (no Value).
 GDCM_LEGACY (const SequenceOfItems *GetSequenceOfItems() const) GDCM_LEGACY(SequenceOfItems *GetSequenceOfItems()) SmartPointer< SequenceOfItems > GetValueAsSQ() const
ByteValueGetByteValue ()
const ByteValueGetByteValue () const
template<typename TDE>
VL GetLength () const
const SequenceOfFragmentsGetSequenceOfFragments () const
TagGetTag ()
const TagGetTag () const
 Get Tag.
ValueGetValue ()
Value const & GetValue () const
 Set/Get Value (bytes array, SQ of items, SQ of fragments):.
VLGetVL ()
const VLGetVL () const
 Get VL.
VR const & GetVR () const
bool IsEmpty () const
 Check if Data Element is empty.
bool IsUndefinedLength () const
 return if Value Length if of undefined length
bool operator< (const DataElement &de) const
DataElementoperator= (const DataElement &de)
bool operator== (const DataElement &de) const
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
std::istream & Read (std::istream &is)
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
std::istream & ReadOrSkip (std::istream &is, std::set< Tag > const &skiptags)
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
std::istream & ReadWithLength (std::istream &is, VL &length)
void SetByteValue (const char *array, VL length)
void SetTag (const Tag &t)
void SetValue (Value const &vl)
void SetVL (const VL &vl)
void SetVLToUndefined ()
void SetVR (VR const &vr)
template<typename TDE, typename TSwap>
const std::ostream & Write (std::ostream &os) const

Protected Types

typedef SmartPointer< ValueValuePtr

Protected Attributes

Tag TagField
ValuePtr ValueField
VL ValueLengthField
VR VRField


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &_os, const DataElement &_val)

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