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gdcm::SmartPointer< ObjectType > Class Template Reference

#include <gdcmSmartPointer.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class ObjectType>
class gdcm::SmartPointer< ObjectType >

Class for Smart Pointer.

Will only work for subclass of gdcm::Object See tr1/shared_ptr for a more general approach (not invasive) include <tr1/memory> { shared_ptr<Bla> b(new Bla); }

Class partly based on post by Bill Hubauer: http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.c++/msg/173ddc38a827a930
See also:
and itk::SmartPointer

Definition at line 40 of file gdcmSmartPointer.h.

Public Member Functions

ObjectType * GetPointer () const
 Explicit function to retrieve the pointer.
 operator ObjectType * () const
 Return pointer to object.
ObjectType & operator* () const
ObjectType * operator-> () const
 Overload operator ->.
SmartPointeroperator= (ObjectType const &r)
SmartPointeroperator= (ObjectType *r)
 Overload operator assignment.
SmartPointeroperator= (SmartPointer const &r)
 Overload operator assignment.
 SmartPointer (ObjectType const &p)
 SmartPointer (ObjectType *p)
 SmartPointer (const SmartPointer< ObjectType > &p)

Private Member Functions

void Register ()
void UnRegister ()

Private Attributes

ObjectType * Pointer

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